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  公司一貫堅持以顧客為中心的指導思想,從硬件和軟件兩方面著手抓質量管理,一方面不斷引進高層次的技術,管理人才,建立了有效,可靠的技術,質量管理體系,另一方面加大技改和設備改造力度,目前擁有2500T熱模鍛壓力機生產流水線一條;2000T熱模鍛壓力機生產流水線一條;1600T摩擦壓力機生產流水線一條。 本公司主要生產曲軸、吊耳、連桿、形夾、花蘭、拉鉤、突元叉,套管叉、萬向節、花鍵軸、齒輪、閥體、法蘭、凡爾、葉輪、蓋板、鏈片、桿頭、齒塊、半環等模鍛產品。

  公司創辦以來,以優質的產品,真誠的服務贏得全國各大知名公司的一致好評。 產品銷往全國20多個省市,并出口東南亞、西歐、北美等國家和地區,贏得如上汽、一汽、二汽集團、南汽、柳工等廠家的配套認可。



Jiangyin City Changlong Mould Forging Co.,LTD is located in the scenic Xuxiake Town,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province,which neighbors Zhangjiagang on the east,overlooks Taihu Lake on the south,leans against Changzhou on the west,and faces Yangtze River on the north,Beijing-Shanghai express railway,Xingchang railway,Beijing-Shanghai,riverine highway pass through.It is 3 Km from Huangtang crossing of Beijing-Shanghai highway,and 2 Km from Xiake crossing of riverine highway,which shares superior geographical position,particularly convenient transportation,and beautiful human environment,iS an enterprise specialized in the long-term production of forging products.

Our company consistently adheres to the guiding ideology of the customer as the center,and improves quality management from the aspects of both hardware and software.On the one hand,we continually introduce high-level technical and management personnel to establish an effective and reliable technology and quality management system,on the other hand,increase efforts ln technological transformation and equipment modification.Currently,we have a 2500 T hot forging press production line;a 2000 T hot forging press production line;and a 1600 T friction press production line.Our company mainly produces forging products such as crankshafts, lifting lugs,connecting rods,clevis,tu rnbuckles,drag hooks,flange yokes,bushing forks,universal joints,spiine shafts, gears,valves,flanges,Valve,Impeller,Flat,Chain plate,Rod head,The tooth  block,Semi-ring,etc.

Since its establishment,our company has won the favorable receptions of the renowned companies nationwide with quality products and sincere service.Products are sold to more than 20 provinces and cities at home and exported to Southeast Asia,Western Europe.North America and other countries and regions,winning auxiliary recognitions of manufacturers such as SAIC,FAW,SAW Group,Nanjing Automobile,Liugong Machinery,etc.

Our company bases on building the Changlong brand and enhancing the core competitiveness and management level of the enterprise,consistently sticks to enter the market with the first-class products,and achieve customer satisfaction with excellent quality. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign enterprises to come to Changlong for a visit and business cooperation to create a better future.